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8070 C. & N. Jerome 8 day brass strap movement and dial.

This movement and dial originally went into a C. & N. Jerome case of the triple-decker style. The strap movement is complete, the escapement ticks properly and the strike activates and locks up as it should. It is quite dirty and you can see that there are several poor bushing repairs where a piece of brass was soldered over the pivot hole. It is not signed.

The wooden dial has an opening to view the escapement. This model did not have the mirror that slid up and down. It is in reasonably good condition but you can see there are some horizontal paint losses from shrinkage. The chapter ring diameter is 9 ¼ inches while the dial measures 11 inches wide and 10 and three-quarter inches tall.

This movement comes with the original hands and pendulum rod which indicates that the pendulum drop is about 18 inches from the center arbor to the center of the pendulum.   SOLD



8071   Riley Whiting, Winchester Connecticut wood works
tall clock movement.

Riley Whiting, Winchester Connecticut wood works tall clock movement. Here is a complete setup for a wood works tall clock case. The dial is quite colorful with floral corners and the gold highlights are still quite bright and do not show much wear.

The seconds hand is original while the hour and minute hands are accurate pewter replacements. It also comes with the original tin can weights. You will need to supply a pendulum rod and bob.

As a bonus, this clock has been recently serviced and it is in good running order. It is a 30 hour pull up movement with hourly strike on a bell.

The dial measures 16 inches tall by 12 inches wide. The distance from the bottom of the dial to the bottom of the seaboard is 1 ¼ inches. This makes a big difference on how the dial sits in the case to line up properly with the door opening.        SOLD



8072   Seth Thomas adamantine clock case only.

This case is in reasonably good condition so if you happen to have the proper movement perhaps you can bring this clock back to life. There is a bit of wear on some of the black on the corners but the rest seems to be fine. It has a reasonably good dial paper and all of the trim. There is no back cover.

The distance from the center arbor to the fast-slow arbor is 3/4”. The case is 11 ½ inches tall and 17 inches wide.      $55.



8074   Three miniature Cheney pillar and scroll cases.

These cases are absolutely wonderful. They were custom-made by Bradford Cheney of Worcester Mass. probably about 1960. Bradford was Robert Cheney’s father and he was responsible for setting up the clock collection at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge Mass.

The proportions are superb. The clock portion measures 13 ½ inches tall and 8 inches wide. The clock is attached to a shelf bracket so it can hang on a wall. The overall height is 17 inches. It is constructed from solid mahogany with tiger maple and birds-eye maple trim.

What you see is all I found. I do not know what the intended movement would have looked like but surely there must be something out there which would fit properly and turn these cases into something really special. The dial opening measures 5 inches square. The distance from the center of the glass to the bottom of the case is 7 inches. The depth from the backboard to the glass is 2 inches.

These cases are unfinished. I cleaned one up for the photos and the other two will need to have years worth of dust cleaned.

I have these priced at $85 each and I want to sell the three as a group.             $255


8075   Rare Original 1871 jewelers’ circular catalog.

This is not a reprint as so many of them are but rather it is an original 1871 circular that was sent to various jewelry stores. The jewelry store could then look at various manufacturers and the products they offered to order for their inventory.

The condition is quite good with no missing or dogeared pages and very little discoloration. There are a total of 40 pages counting the covers. There are five pages of clock advertising from the companies of Waterbury, American Clock Company, United States Clock Company, Kroeber and George Jones & Co.

This would make a rather unique gift for someone.

The circular measures 8” x 9 ¾”               $65



8076   Two original Waltham Watch Company stock certificates.

Two original Waltham Watch Company stock certificates. These are original stock certificates not reprints or photocopies. They are both very crisp and the color is bright without any tears or damages.

They were issued to Josephthal & Co. on June 18, 1952 and consist of 100 shares each. They would make an interesting item framed on your wall or perhaps as a gift. 

Each one measures 8" x 12".      $25. 




8077   Framed print of a clockmaker and a child.

 I do not know how old this print is but I have owned it for many years and it is time to pass it along.

It is a delightful scene of an older gentleman repairing a wood movement from a grandfather clock while his grandson perhaps is giving it his full attention. The case for the clock is in the background along with interesting furnishings such as the Windsor and Queen Anne chairs, the raised panel door, period wallpaper etc. 
The frame measures 12" x 14 3/4"        SOLD