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8052   Large Seth Thomas ship’s clock.

This clock is in overall excellent condition with a very clean Bakelite case without any cracks, chips or other faults. The bezel opens and closes by means of a hinge and a screw knob on the right.

It has an excellent silvered dial which shows almost no discoloration or wear and is a little bit better than average because it has a center sweep seconds dial. The hour and minute hands are original while the seconds hand is a replacement.

I assume this is an 8 day clock. It does not have ships bell strike, it is simply a timepiece. It will run for several hours then stop so it is probably due for some fresh oil at the least.

Most of these clocks have a 6 inch dial but this one has an 8 inch dial with a 10 1/2 inch case.       $225.



6075  Chelsea Navy Bakelite clock

This black Bakelite case is in very good shape with good color and without damages. It opens with a hinge at the 12 o’clock position. The original silvered dial is very legible and has just a bit of discoloration. The hands are original but the tail portion of the center sweep seconds has broken off. However, I have it and am including it.

This is an eight day timepiece. The rear plate is signed “Chelsea Clock Co. Boston 534626” and that serial number dates to about 1948. It is now fitted with a pair of contacts with wires leading to two posts on the side of the clock at the 4:30 position so it was set up to trip or signal something. It has been running well for me

7” in diameter.     $175.



6078   Seth Thomas “Corsair” ship’s bell clock

Manufactured by Talley Industries of Norcross, GA, this clock is dated 1987. The Seth Thomas clock company was moved there in 1982. It has a solid mahogany base with a brass platform. The mahogany does show some scratches perhaps caused by the key or bezel when the clock was being wound.

The brass housing is in good condition without any dents or scratches and the bezel is the screw on style. The signed silvered dial is in near perfect condition and it has the original hands. There is a complete label under the base and it comes with the original instruction booklet and key.

This is an eight day clock that strikes ship’s bell time on the hour and half hour. It looks like someone has over oiled the movement but it is running nonetheless. The movement was made in Germany.

7 “ tall, 11” wide    $125



8056   A pair of vintage “Moonbeam” Deco electric alarm clocks.

I have always liked and admired the Art Nouveau and Deco case styles when they are done well. These two have a pleasing case style which reminds you of the radios of the same vintage. They have Bakelite style cases with brass bases and are in pretty good condition showing a normal amount of wear from usage.

Both dials are signed Westclox. One is from LaSalle, Illinois and the other is from the Western Clock Company United, Peterborough, Canada. Both dials are illuminated when running.

One comes with a cord still attached. It hummed but did not run when I plugged it in. The other has an unattached cord.

Both measure 6 ½ inches wide by 5 inches tall.
The price is for the pair.      $65