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6081   Waterbury carriage clock

This is the “Sage” model made about 1910. The brass case is in reasonably good condition showing only fairly minor wear. There are four beveled glass panels and each of them has corner chips. The porcelain dial has one hairline and a small flake at the center arbor. The minute hand appears to be a replacement.

This is an eight day clock with alarm. It does tick so the escapement is okay but it does not stay running.

5 ½” tall with handle.    $65




5073   German Delft porcelain plate clock

This blue and white clock has a perfect concave porcelain face without any hairlines or chips. The hands and pendulum are original.

This is an 8 day clock, time only, meaning it does not strike. It is in good running order.
9” square.     $60



4044    German? Alarm clock

Judging from the case and the style of the movement I would think this was a German-made clock but I could find no markings anywhere. The case is mahogany but note that it once had some type of a gallery or railing with turnings on the top as indicated by the empty holes that are there now. The dial is celluloid to resemble porcelain and it is in good condition. The hands are the originals.

This is undoubtedly a one day timepiece with alarm. It has a balance movement, not pendulum and I could not get it to tick but the alarm does work.

8 ½ inches tall.       $35                                           



2055   New Haven Delta" hanging porcelain clock

This is a cute little clock with a full bodied porcelain case. They are not common at all and I was fortunate to find this one. The background color is white with pink and maroon corners and a floral body. The case is near perfect with just one very small nick at one edge.

The paper dial is in very good condition and it is patent dated March 5, 1889. The dial has a brass surround and the original hands. I am sure this is a one day clock but it is not presently running.

8 ½ inches tall.    $95



4052   Ansonia miniature porcelain clock

The clock has a blue-green case with colorful flowers. There are no case chips, hairlines or any other damage. The paper dial is signed, in perfect, clean condition and it has a pressed brass surround and a heavily beveled glass. The hands are the originals.

The case is marked in red “Made in Germany” and there is a sticker on the back indicating what was probably the original price of $2.25. That may not sound like much but the clock was probably made about 1900 and that was a fair amount of money back then.

These little clocks are all one day timepieces with balance movements. I could not get this one to tick but I did not check the movement and it most likely is simply a case of needing a cleaning and oiling.

6 inches tall.      $80.                   



5086   Ansonia Abalone novelty clock

I could not find this in the Ansonia catalog but I’m sure it must be a production clock not something made after market. The shell is in perfect shape without any chips or cracks. The dial is signed and has the Ansonia logo. It has a heavy beveled glass and the original hands. This is probably a one day timepiece but the mainspring is wound tight and I can not get it to tick.

The dial is 2” in diameter while the case is 8” long.    $95.