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Lindy Larson

Larson's Antique Clock Shop

PO Box 144
Westminster, VT 05158


To ORDER:   Contact Us By Calling.
1 802 722 4203

(9am to 9pm EST)

Calling is the best way to find out details about the clocks, shipping costs and see if the clock you are interested in is still available. 

Unless the description states otherwise, we guarantee that for all antique clocks for sale, the case, movement and dial are original to each other. All clocks are sold just as we have found them. Most clocks that are running are usually so noted but in some cases a cleaning, oiling and bushings would still be advised. We are not like retail shops, cleaning and repairing and getting everything in running order.  When the description says running that means when we set it on the shelf as we obtained the clock and it runs and ticks for a while showing that it is complete and it wants to run.  We sell to a lot of dealers and collectors that like to do their own work or have a repair person that does their work.  We can tell you what we know about the movement when you call to find out details about the clocks.  We also can send email photos if that helps give you more information.

How to Order:  Call 802 722 4203

Phone in your order, please do not send e-mail. Give me (Lindy) the inventory clock number, so I can make sure it is still available. I will be able to give you a shipping cost at that time.

Shipping is usually done by FedEx ground service but air and parcel post are also options.

Clocks are double boxed and we have hundreds of cartons on hand in a wide variety of sizes. We have shipped thousands of clocks over the past 40 years and you can be assured your clock will arrive in good condition. Very fragile items such as statue clocks are disassembled before shipping.

Payment is by personal check or money order. Sorry, we do not take credit cards or pay pal.

Allow about two weeks for your clock to be shipped.

-Lindy Larson

If you need to use email to contact us:
or you can use the form below.

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