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6001   Bishop and Bradley pillar and scroll

Bishop and Bradley pillar and scroll. If you have been looking for a good, honest pillar and scroll in original condition, then this might be it. This is a very unusual and rare maker who used a Leavenworth style wooden movement. The scroll top plus the skirt and feet are perfect and have never been repaired. They even retain every original glue block. The upper left return does have one section of veneer loss but that is about it. The original finish has been cleaned and polished.

The painted wood dial is in exceptional condition with raised gold leaf and strawberries in the basket and corners. There are virtually no paint chips or repairs. The upper glass and reverse painted tablet are the originals but you can see that there is paint loss to that tablet. Personally, I would leave it as it is, considering it to be part of the history of the clock but there are folks who can restore that tablet if you wish.

Bishop and Bradley used Seth Thomas style finials. Two of these are original while one is a very good copy. The label is in excellent condition and notice the great engraved image of two ladies, an eagle and a clock. It has the original hands, pendulum, weights, and key.

This is a one day wooden movement clock with hourly strike on a bell. I have not checked the running condition but the weight cords are very old so we can be sure it has not been serviced in quite some time.

31” tall.    SOLD



6002   E. Terry & Sons pillar and scroll

This is a very clean clock in good, restored condition. The mahogany case has been very nicely refinished and is without any chips or blemishes. The scroll top and the skirt are original, while the feet have been replaced. The upper glass is original and the reverse painted tablet is an excellent replacement done by Tom Moberg. Tom also strengthened the dial numerals which had weakened.

The hands, pendulum and weights are the originals while the finials are correct style replacements. The label has darkened somewhat but is still very legible.

This clock has a 30 hour wooden works movement which seems to be in good running order. However, the square end of the hour post needs to be repaired. There is an hourly strike on a bell.

31”tall.   SOLD


6003   Eli Terry Jr. carved eight day shelf clock

 This is a fine, impressive clock in nearly perfect condition. The refinished mahogany case does not have one veneer chip. The carved eagle crest, columns and paw feet are very well done and they are also perfect without even one toe chip. Even the ivory door escutcheons have never been cracked or chipped.

The painted wood dial is also in excellent condition with almost no paint loss or wear. It has a very good label which has been protected with a sheet of plastic. The reverse painted glass is a replacement.

It retains the original eagle hands, embossed pendulum, cast iron weights and even the crank key. Note that I accidentally put the wrong weights in the photo but the correct ones are very similar.

This is an eight day clock with an Ives style strap brass movement with pewter winding drums. There is an hourly strike on a large bell.                                                  

37" tall.  SOLD



6004   Henry Terry carved eight day wood works clock.

This clock has a mahogany case which has been refinished except for, oddly enough, the upper left carved column. The carved eagle, columns, paw feet and veneer do not have any chips but note that it is missing the upper right return on the top and the small block that fits between the two columns on the right. The two front feet are loose and I left them that way because it would be safer having them off if the clock were shipped.

The painted wood dial is in superior condition and it has a very good label. It retains the original hands, embossed pendulum and key. The lower glass is an old replacement. I did not get any weights with the clock but they are available from Timesavers or Merritts.

I looked the movement over as best I could and I did not see any broken teeth. Both the time and strike operated with a bit of finger pressure on the trains but both cords are old and need to be replaced. It has the original compounded pulleys.

37” tall.   SOLD                                                                                                                                                                   



6005   Daniel Pratt, Reading MA wood works shelf clock.

It has been refinished and you can see a couple veneer repairs on the interior portion of the capitals on the top. This is a mahogany case with triangular columns. The mirror and upper glass have both been replaced.

The label is dated 1839 and is complete but there is a fair amount of staining. The painted wood dial is in better than average condition. This clock comes with the original hands, weights, pendulum and key.

Originally, as you can see by the dial, this clock had an internal alarm which is now missing along with the bell on the top of the case. I have not checked the running condition of the rest of the movement. This is a one-day clock with hourly strike on a bell.

32” tall.      SOLD



6006   Early Jerome brass dial ogee clock
made in Bristol Connecticut about 1845

Early Jerome brass dial ogee clock made in Bristol Connecticut about 1845 before the fire destroyed his buildings and he moved operations to New Haven. This style clock is fairly hard to find today in good condition. The mahogany case is in the old original dark finish and is in good condition but for a few fairly minor veneer chips.

The reverse painted glass may look a bit unusual but I guarantee it is the original done in the style for that time period. You can see that there is some paint loss in the flowers. It also has the original black and gold painted upper glass.

The round brass dial is actually in better condition than most which usually have a fair amount of loss to the numerals. The label is about as perfect as you will find. This clock retains the original hands, pendulum, weights and key.

This is a one day clock with hourly strike on a gong. It is currently running but I am sure it has not been cleaned in a while.

26” tall.    SOLD



6007   Seth Thomas gilded column clock.

Seth Thomas gilded column clock. Usually this style of clock is in rather rough condition but this one is in excellent shape. The columns have the original tortoise shell grain painting and gilded capitals with minimal wear. The rosewood case has the original finish and almost no veneer loss.

Both reverse painted glasses are original but you can see that they have some flaking. The painted zinc dial is a replacement. The label has a bit of loss at the center.

This is an eight day clock with hourly strike on a gong. The signed lyre movement has been recently cleaned, rebushed and seems to be in very good condition. Please note that after these photos were taken I discovered that the replacement weights in the photo were not heavy enough to run the clock. I found an original pair that do run the clock and I am including them. One has a rather crude repair for the missing hook but it functions just fine.

32” tall.     SOLD


5023   Pond and Barnes, Hanover St., Boston

Yes, this is just an ogee clock but it warrants a look because it is in such good, original condition. The mahogany case was been refinished some years ago and the veneer is just about perfect. There are no case damages or repairs at all.

The label is complete and very legible. The painted wood dial is colorful and shows very little wear. It retains the original hands, pendulum and weights. The upper glass is original while the mirror is a replacement.

This is a 30 hour clock with hourly strike on a gong.

26” tall.   SOLD



5025   Sperry and Shaw, Courtlandt St. New York, ogee clock.

This is a rather early clock in overall good condition. The mahogany case is almost perfect with only a little veneer loss at the upper edge. It does have a heavy, alligatored old finish and the look would be improved if that were cleaned.

The best feature of the clock is the original reverse painted tablet. It is a country scene and the condition is perfect without a blemish or any lifting of the paint. The painted wood dial is also of an early design with gold spandrels and trim. The dial is in very good condition but the right dial support has come off and that has resulted in some warp to that side. It still fits and functions as it is however.

The blue/green label has darkened and there are some losses at the bottom but it is still very legible. It has the original pendulum, weights, key and early spade hands. The mounting board for the movement has been replaced.

This is a 30 hour clock with hourly strike on a gong.  

26” tall.   SOLD          



4015   Atkins Clock Co. steeple clock.

You do not usually see steeple clocks by this maker who is normally associated with earlier style cases. This mahogany case has the original finish and it is very clean but it might need a bit of attention. The inside of the lower left of the door has come apart and there is a piece missing. It has been glued back together and it is stable so it could be used just as it is. There are a couple small veneer chips on the corners.

The painted zinc dial has some flaking around the center arbor and the silverfish have eaten away the plain part of the label while leaving the printed portion. The reverse painted glass is the original but the background painting around the corners has been scraped away.

This is a 30 hour clock with hourly strike. It has the original hands and pendulum and it is running.

20 inches tall.      $65.