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8001   Rare Aaron Crane torsion pendulum year clock.

There never were very many of these clocks made and they are very sought after today because of their unique style and movement quality. The case has the original black paint which does have some flakes but overall is in pretty good shape.

There are freestanding columns with very detailed cast brass capitals. The distinctive glass dial has the original paper backing and it is in great condition. Often these dials are chipped or broken. There is a very good label plus the original hands. I believe the six ball brass pendulum is an old replacement.

This clock has a massive double fusee movement with a torsion style escapement and pendulum. It is missing the suspension spring with the hangar and fork. There is a replacement spring on it now just so it looks as it should for the photo. One more unusual feature of this clock is that it will run one full year on one winding. That is quite an accomplishment when you consider it needs to run a strike train also.

Please call if you have any questions at all about this clock.  21 inches tall.     $2,400.



8002   Rare Erastus Hodges, Torrington, Connecticut
pillar and scroll clock.

This clock has that distinctive Torrington or “east-west” wood movement. It has a mahogany case which has been very nicely refinished and with nearly perfect veneer. This is a very pleasing case style which is smaller in dimensions than the typical Terry style. The base and feet plus the scroll top are original which is seldom the case these days. The brass finials are old replacements.

The dial is in excellent shape. Often these rather thin dials have warped resulting in some paint loss. This dial is the exception. The reverse painted lower glass is a rather poor quality replacement and the upper glass has also been replaced. This clock retains the original hands, pendulum, key and weights. The label is in very good condition.

The 30 hour wood works movement looks like it was well cared for and it is quite clean. I did not see any chipped teeth on either gear train. The strike great wheel has been repaired but it looks functional. Both trains operate properly with a bit of finger pressure.
29 inches tall.             SOLD



8003   Birge & Fuller 8 day wagonspring clock.

Here is a clock that is in excellent, original condition. The refinished mahogany case is very clean. It has only one small veneer chip at the lower right of the upper clock case portion.

All three glasses are original with the lower two being cut, not simply frosted and they are perfect without one chip or hairline. The painted zinc dial has a raised chapter ring and good, original paint. The blue/green label is a little dark but is still quite legible. The hands are the originals along with the pendulum and key.

This is an eight-day clock with hourly strike on a gong. The movement is signed “Birge & Fuller, Bristol, Conn, USA”. The chains are complete and the clock is running.
27 1/2 inches tall.         SOLD


8004   Seth Thomas 8 day wood works clock.

This clock has a nicely refinished solid mahogany case which is in great condition. There is only one tiny veneer chip on the upper left corner. The columns are tiger maple and they make for a good visual contrast with the darker mahogany. The carved paw feet and fruit basket crest are perfect without any chips.

The lower glass has a very well done signed replacement reverse painting. The upper glass is original. The two brass escutcheons are old replacements. It has the original hands, compound pulleys and pendulum while the weights are replacements. The dial is in very good condition without any paint lifting.

The brass bushed eight day wood works movement is complete and I did not see any chipped teeth on either gear train. Finger pressure on the gear trains demonstrates that the movement is ticking and striking properly. It does have wire cable for the weights and that should be changed. Also, the hour hand needs repair because it is loose on the square posted hour shaft. 37 inches tall.           $585.                                                                                                                                 



8005   George Marsh, Farmington, Connecticut
eight day wood works clock.

This mahogany case has been nicely refinished and has only one small veneer chip at the lower left corner. The columns and fruit basket top are very well carved and without any chips at all. This model never had feet. The dial is in good condition with just one small touched up area around the center arbor.

The upper glass is original while the lower glass is a replacement. The label is slightly dark but it is complete and legible. It retains the original hands, pendulum, key and compounded pulleys. The escutcheons are ivory, one of which is chipped. I did not get weights with this clock but they are readily available through Merritts or Timesavers.

The ivory bushed wood movement seems to be complete. I did not see any chipped teeth on the time train while the strike train has a new ratchet gear but that seems to be functional. With a bit of finger pressure on the trains they both operate properly.

38 ½ inches tall.        $425.                                                                                                                                   



8006     Rare Salem Bridge carved column clock by Spencer, Hotchkiss & Co. of Salem Bridge, Conn.  

Created by Heman Clark and dating to about 1830, these 8 day weight driven brass movement clocks were at the top end of the clocks being produced at that time, especially when compared to the wood movement clocks still being made. These clocks were at the forefront of the brass movement shelf clock era.

The mahogany case has been nicely refinished and is just about perfect. The veneer has no faults at all, the carvings are very crisp and well detailed and there are no chips in either the carved paw feet or pineapple finials. The double cornucopia at the top depicts prosperity and the original owner must certainly have been prosperous to have been able to afford this clock. They were very valuable at the time and are still so today.

It appears to be the original glass above and an old replacement mirror below. The clock comes with the original weights, compounded pulleys, pendulum, key and hands. The tip of the seconds hand is missing. The label has darkened and has some losses but it is still legible.

This is an 8 day clock with rack and snail strike on the hours on a resonant iron bell. I see nothing amiss with the movement and it is running. For a history of this firm, see page 46 of the #13 Bulletin on Salem Bridge clocks by Chris Bailey. I will include a copy of that publication with the clock.

29 ½ inches tall.       SOLD



8007   Welch, Spring & Co. Khedive mantle clock.

There were about a dozen clock models made that used the Patti style movement and they were all named after world famous people of the time. Some were opera stars but this one was named after the Turkish Khedive or Viceroy of Egypt who was the ruler at the time the Suez Canal was opened in 1869. Egyptian Revival became a style of the time and thus the naming of this clock.

The case is polished mahogany with the original finish and it is in fine condition. This case is almost perfect and it has obviously been well cared for. It has a two part dial with a gilt centerpiece and porcelain numeral ring plus an open jeweled escapement. There is one hairline in the porcelain between the numeral V and VI.

It has two heavy beveled glasses. One for the dial and one for the pendulum view. That lower glass also has the original gold leaf border decoration. The distinctive pendulum is solid brass and the delicate trefoil hands are the originals. Only a portion of the label remains on the rear cover.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a cathedral gong. It is currently running and striking properly.

17 ½ inches tall.       SOLD


8008  Welch, Spring & Co. “Patti” mantle clock.

In the 1880s, when this line of clocks was brought onto the market, they were the Lexus quality of clocks and were quite expensive. For that reason, they are quite sought-after today.

The solid rosewood case is quite dusty and shows a normal amount of wear. Two of the applied rosettes have small chips and you can see that the three top finials are missing.

All three glasses are original as are the hands and the cast brass pendulum with cut glass center. The dial paint is original and any chips have been professionally touched up. There is a reasonably good label on the back and the interior backboard has the original black paper.

This is an eight day clock with the hourly delicate strike on a nickel bell. It runs a short time for me but I do not believe it has been serviced in a long time. 

16 inches tall.              SOLD