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8015   Rare Waterbury “Buffalo” oversized calendar clock.

This clock is about as original as you could hope to find. If you are looking for clocks based on condition rather than quantity then this clock deserves a look. It has a solid walnut case in the original finish and there are no case problems, chips or faults at all. You will not be disappointed with the condition of this clock.

The signed paper dial is in near perfect condition, it has the original stenciled tablet, the distinctive Waterbury pendulum, three original hands, two labels and a signed Waterbury key.

In the second photo it is situated next to an average sized walnut parlor clock to give you an idea of the dimensions. It has a 7 inch dial instead of the normal 5 inch and it is 27 inches tall instead of the normal 22 inches.

This is an eight day clock with hourly strike plus simple calendar. It seems to be in good running order and goes nine days per winding for me.     SOLD



4009   Ithaca "No. 10 Farmer's" double dial calendar clock.

As calendar clocks go, this is not a terribly rare model but it is worth attention because the condition is so good. The solid walnut case has been very nicely refinished and it has no problems or damages at all.

Both dial papers are very clean and legible with only a very minimal amount of discoloration. The roller papers have darkened a little but they are very legible and secure on the rollers. The hands and the pendulum are also original. Just a bit of the label remains on the inside of the backboard.

This is an eight day clock which strikes the hours on a gong and is in good running order.




5059   Seth Thomas "Prospect" mantle Clock.

This clock has a clean, refinished oak case with turned brass feet. The clock is in near perfect condition without any significant case problems.

There is a brass bezel with a convex beveled glass. That bezel could use polishing. The signed painted dial is convex to resemble porcelain. There is a slight amount of wear in the numerals. The hands and the pendulum are the originals.

This is an 8 day clock with hour and half hour strike on a gong. It runs a short while for me and stops. .
10” tall.  $65



6024   New Haven balloon clock.

This has always remained a popular case style and this one is in good, clean condition. The case is solid mahogany which has been very nicely refinished. I do not see any case damage or problems at all.

The signed dial is porcelain with a floral and musical decoration. Notice that there are two hairlines visible at the right side. Sometimes soaking the dial in a cleaner will  reduce those lines.

The pendulum, key and hour hand are the originals while the minute hand is a replacement. I do have the original minute hand which has been broken but it is complete and could be soldered back together.

This is an eight-day clock with hour and half hour strike on a gong. It had been running for me but not for a full week.

13” tall.     $110.



2322   Gilbert cottage clock.

This clock has a rosewood case with the original finish which would look much better with a bit of cleaning. There are several small veneer chips at the edges.

The painted dial is in excellent condition plus it has the original reverse painted glass and a very good label.

The hands, pendulum and key are the originals. This is an eight day clock with hourly strike on a coil gong. It came from a collection were it had not been run for many years so it is overdue for a cleaning.

13 inches tall.    $85



2323   Seth Thomas cottage clock.

The rosewood case has the original finish which is very clean and in almost perfect condition. The decoration on the glass has largely worn away.

The dial has been recently repainted and it has a label which is stained but still legible. It retains the original pendulum and "ST" hands.

This model has the dependable, large, signed eight day lyre movement with Geneva stops. I do not see anything amiss with the movement except for the fact that it has not been cleaned in many years. There is an hourly strike on a coiled gong.

14 ½ inches tall.  $95.




4085   Seth Thomas mantle clock.

This clock has a rosewood case with a darkened original finish and a simple case cleaning would make it look much better. There is one veneer chip at the door knob and another on the upper left corner of the door.

It has a good signed dial with the original paint and an excellent label. The hands, pendulum, key and reverse decorated glass are the originals.

This is an 8 day clock with hourly strike on a coil gong and it has that good quality movement with Geneva stops. It is running but is due for a cleaning.

14 ½” tall.     $90