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6023   Quality English center sweep fusee mantel clock

This is a wonderful timepiece so typical of English clock making where the case is rather plain but the movement is superb. The only people who truly get to appreciate the work are the clock repairmen.

The case is solid oak and the clock weighs almost 21 pounds even though it is only 14 inches tall. That is because every piece of it is very robust and constructed to last. The case is very clean, has a great finish and is in fine condition.

The dial is porcelain and signed “Thomas Armstrong & Brother, Manchester & Liverpool”. There are some faint hairlines and some chipping around the winding arbor and mounting screws. It has a massive cast brass bezel with a very thick beveled glass.

The hour and minute hands are the originals while the center sweep seconds hand is a replacement and it will need some adjusting to fit properly.

This clock has an eight day fusee movement with the original chain. Notice that it is a balance escapement, not a pendulum. It has maintaining power and a serial number of 12033. The front plate is marked “33”. It is running well for me.

14” tall.    SOLD



6024   New Haven balloon clock.

This has always remained a popular case style and this one is in good, clean condition. The case is solid mahogany which has been very nicely refinished. I do not see any case damage or problems at all.

The signed dial is porcelain with a floral and musical decoration. Notice that there are two hairlines visible at the right side. Sometimes soaking the dial in a cleaner will reduce those lines.

The pendulum, key and hour hand are the originals while the minute hand is a replacement. I do have the original minute hand which has been broken but it is complete and could be soldered back together.

This is an eight-day clock with hour and half hour strike on a gong. It is running.

13” tall.     $110



6025   Seth Thomas “Florence” balloon clock.

This case is solid mahogany with satinwood inlay and brass feet. The case is in good condition with the original finish and it would look even better with a light cleaning. The only case faults are the chips in the veneer on the back side of the case and that does not show from the front or the sides.

There is a heavy cast brass bezel with a convex beveled glass. The signed dial is porcelain and it is perfect without one hairline or chip. The hands and the pendulum are the originals.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a cathedral gong. The movement is very dirty and it is clear that it has not been serviced in many years. That will need to be done to get the clock back in running order.

12 ½” tall.   SOLD



6026   Gilbert “Cosey Corner P”.

If you are a horse lover or know someone who is, then this may be for you. Note however, that this clock is not in running order because the verge and escape wheel are missing. Perhaps you can find another movement or just enjoy it as it is.

There are pressed designs on the case front and sides. The front scene is that of a racetrack with four riders and horses and each side shows the head of a horse. The case is in reasonably good condition but note the missing piece at the upper right corner.

The dial, hands and bezel are brass. The paper portion of the dial with the numerals is discolored. The hands and the pendulum are the originals. There is a good label on the back of the case.

13 ½” tall.    SOLD



6027   Gilbert “Windmill Mission F.F.”

This is a rather unusual curiosity with a Mission style case in the form of a windmill. The case is in good, original condition with just one small chip on the top edge of a windmill blade. The numerals are solid brass applied to the front of the clock.

The lower glass is a print of a Dutch woman wearing wooden shoes and carrying a water jug. It has the original pendulum and brass hands plus a reasonably good label on the back.

This is a one-day timepiece and it is in good running order.

16” tall.    $65



6028   New Haven iron-front clock.

This clock has a cast iron case with the original black paint plus mother of pearl and floral decorations. Usually this style of clock has a great deal of loss to the mother of pearl and decoration but this one is quite a bit better than average. There are no breaks or damages to the case.

The hands, dial paper and distinctive embossed pendulum are the originals.

This is an eight-day clock with hourly strike on a coil gong. It is running but is also overdue for a cleaning.

21” tall.    SOLD



6029   Muller iron-front clock.