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6032   E. Ingraham & Co. cottage clock.

This clock has a refinished solid walnut case which is in good condition without any problems but for the missing door latch. Both glasses are original and I do not see any evidence that the lower glass ever had any decoration or reverse painting. The dial paper has been replaced and it is just a bit discolored as you can see.

The hands and pendulum are the originals and there is a good label on the interior of backboard.

This is a one day clock that is a bit unusual in that it also strikes the hours. Normally these little cottage clocks are time only. The movement is signed and has not been cleaned for quite some time though it is running and striking properly.

13” tall.    $45



6033   E. N. Welch cottage clock.

This clock is a marriage with an E.  N. Welch case and a Sessions movement that did not start out life with this case. The dial, pendulum and hands are also replacements. The case is very clean and it is a good-looking clock so if you are not a purist it might do just fine and it certainly is inexpensive.

One thing this clock has going for it is that it is an eight day timepiece and it is running.

12" tall.   SOLD



6034   Cottage clock.

This clock does not have any markings on the movement and it never had a label but it clearly is American. It has a clean manogany case, refinished and in fine condition. The reverse decorated glass is the original while the hands and dial have been replaced. The pendulum is original.

This is a one day timepiece meaning it has no strike and it seems to be in good running order.

11” tall.   SOLD



6035   New Haven “Rose” cottage clock.

This clock has a very clean case of figured mahogany. There are a few veneer chips on the very bottom edge but overall it is in excellent condition. It has the original dial but some of the paint is lifting and the numerals are a bit smudged.

It has the original reverse decorated tablet, a good label plus the original hands and pendulum.

This is a one day clock with alarm. Note that the teeth on the great wheel are badly worn and I would hesitate to run the clock as it is. At this point I would consider the clock to be decorative rather than functional. 

10" tall.   SOLD



6036   Rosewood cottage clock.

This clock never had a label and the movement is unsigned so I do not know who made it though it does have an Ingraham look. The rosewood case has been refinished and is very clean without any veneer chips. There is a gilded molding framing the door which has a clear glass to view the rather unusual spherical brass and nickel pendulum.

The dial paper is original and has a bit of wear around the winding arbor. The hands are original while the key is a replacement.

This clock has a 30 hour time only movement and is running.  

12" tall.   SOLD



5033   Jerome cottage clock.