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6044   French marble and bronze mantle clock.

This is a very pretty clock with contrasting black and red marble separated by three sections of bronze. There is one chip in the red at the lower left corner and a similar sized one in the same spot at the back right corner. The bottom left side has two cracks in the red portion. That line you see in the red on the right side is simply part of the grain of the marble. This clock sat in a collection for many years and it would look 100% better if it were cleaned and the bronze polished.

The two-part porcelain dial has a couple of very faint hairlines which are difficult to spot. The open escapement has ruby jeweled pallets. The bezel is cast brass with a thickly beveled glass. The hands are original while the pendulum is a replacement.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a delicate nickel bell. It is currently running but had not been serviced in all those years that it sat idle.

8” tall, 8 ½” wide.    SOLD



6045   French bronze and marble mantel clock.

This is a fine clock, in great condition and it will make an impressive addition to your collection. The base is bronze with red and black marble plus cast bronze feet. All of the metal portions on this clock are cast bronze, not plated white metal and the bronze is finished in several different tones of color. I looked the marble over carefully and there are no cracks or chips, just a bit of roughness on the sharp edges. I do not believe there was ever anything that sat on the top of the clock because there are no marks or shadows at all.

The dial is in great condition and it is silvered with raised brass numerals. The color is very good without any tarnished spots. The bezel is cast brass with a heavy bevel glass. The hands are the originals. The pendulum is also original and it has a serial number of 2122 which matches that number on the movement.

This is an eight day clock with delicate hourly strike on a nickel bell. I found this clock in a collection where it had remained undisturbed for many years. Thus, it was not serviced in all those years and you will need to do that beforeto running the clock. Also, the head of the hammer broke off and is missing but I am including another one that needs to be attached.

12” tall.   SOLD



6046   French crystal regulator clock.

This brass case is like you usually find them and it would look better if it were buffed and polished. There are no dents or blemishes to the brass and all four beveled glasses are perfect.

The dial is porcelain with blue numerals and colorful floral decoration. There are a couple faint hairlines near the numeral six area and a few of the rhinestones on the rim are missing. The brass hands and true mercury pendulum are the originals.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a gong. It strikes properly and runs a short while before stopping.

10" tall.     SOLD



6047   French bronze mantel clock.

French bronze mantel clock. This is a great-looking clock in superior condition. The case is solid bronze and it may have a gilded finish because the color is perfect. You will not find any polish residue in the cracks or corners.

The brass dial has individual porcelain numerals and they are all perfect except for the numeral VIII which has a chip at the winding arbor. The bezel is cast brass and it has a beveled glass. The hands and pendulum are the originals.

This is an eight day clock with a delicate hour and half hour strike on a nickel bell. I have not owned this clock very long but it seems to be running and striking well.

14 ½” tall.   SOLD



6048   Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clock.