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8044   Ansonia “Indiana” mantle clock.

This is one in a series of elaborate black enameled clocks made by Ansonia. The cast-iron case has the original black paint which is in good condition but for the wear on the very top edge. The cast metal trim on the front with the Cupid, plus the curved side panels with figures are done with two tones of gold color. I believe this color is the original but I have not owned one of these for many years so I do not have something to compare it to. I do not see any broken or repaired pieces on any of the applied trim.

The two part metal dial is quite nice with a mat background and gilt polished raised numerals. It has an open escapement, the original hands, a cast brass bezel and a heavy beveled glass. It also retains the original pendulum and key. I am not sure if originally it had any rear cover but now it is just as you see it in the photo.

This is an eight day clock with an hour and half hour strike on a gong. It ticks and strikes but stays running only a short time.

12 inches tall and 13 inches wide.      $550.



8045   Chelsea / Tiffany mahogany mantle clock.

This clock has a solid mahogany case which is in very good condition but it would look even better if the case were cleaned.

The silvered dial is signed “Tiffany & Co. New York”. There is a little bit of paint loss on some of the numerals. It has a heavy cast brass bezel and a convex beveled glass. The hands are the originals and it has the original Chelsea key.

This is an eight-day clock with regular hourly strike on a cathedral gong. It will need a cleaning to be put in running order. The serial number on the case and movement is 112, 744 which dates to about 1918.

10 inches tall, 13 1/2 inches wide.      $325.



8046   French carved mantel clock.

This case is solid walnut and is heavily carved. It is in reasonably good condition but note there are two missing molding pieces on the left and right sides of the top. The clock was refinished a number of years ago. It has the original two part dial but the silvering has tarnished. It has a cast brass bezel with a beveled glass.

It retains the original hands but has a replaced pendulum.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a cathedral gong. I have not checked the running condition on this clock.

14 inches tall.       $135.



8047   Ansonia marbleized mantel clock.

This clock is in excellent condition. The cast-iron case has the original grain painting to make it resemble marble. There is very little wear to that decoration and the gold painted applied trim pieces are all intact.

The original dial paper is behind a brass filigree mask. It comes with the original hands and pendulum.

This is an eight day clock with hour and a half hour strike on a gong. It has been running for me for several weeks.

14 inches tall.       $135.



8048   Boston Clock Company tandem wind
crystal regulator clock.