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8057   Waltham presentation banjo clock.

If you are looking for a pristine example in flawless condition, it will be hard to find one better than this. The solid mahogany case has a wonderful finish without any chips, scratches or blemishes. As a bonus, it has the reverse curved brass sidearms that were used on the girandole models. The brass on the bezel and sidearms has been beautifully polished.

The signed dial was expertly repainted years ago by the Dial House in Georgia. Both reverse painted glasses have gold borders and they are in near perfect condition. It comes with the original hands, pendulum, weight and solid bronze eagle finial.

This is an eight day weight driven timepiece and it is in good running order. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality of this clock.

42 inches tall.        $1,250.



8058      New Hampshire mirror clock.

Possibly made by Leonard W. Noyes of Nashua New Hampshire. See pages 97, 136 and 147 of Paul Foley’s Willard banjo clock book for examples with similar characteristics. The case is solid walnut and it has been nicely refinished. There are no case problems or damages.

The reverse decorated gold and black upper class is the original while I believe the mirror is an old replacement. It has the original painted dial with traces remaining of a signature which I was not able to decipher. It comes with the original hands and pendulum while the lead weight is an old replacement.

This is an eight day timepiece but note that it originally had an alarm which is now missing. It has been running well for me for quite some time.

32 inches tall.       $850.



8059   Ansonia “Santa Fe” wall clock.

This clock has a very clean, refinished solid walnut case. While the case looks quite good, note that it is missing the carved crest, two drop finials and the rail across the bottom is cracked.

It has the original signed paper dial which does have some discoloration at the upper portion. It also has the original glass, hands, pendulum and signed beat scale. The brass weights are replacements.

This is an eight day double weight timepiece meaning both weights power the time train and there is no strike train. It has been running for me for a while and seems to be in good running order.

47 inches tall.        $675.



8060   Terry’s Patent Calendar clock
by the Ansonia Brass and Copper Co.

This clock is in exceptionally good, original condition. Usually this model has significant veneer problems, flaking dials etc. but this one is quite a bit better than average. It has a clean mahogany case which has been nicely refinished with only very minor veneer losses. The side leaf carvings are often missing but these are original and without any chips.

It has the original signed painted dial which is very legible with negligible paint loss. The bezel glass and the reverse decorated lower glass are the originals along with the hands, pendulum and key. It also has a good, complete label.

This is an eight day clock with hourly strike on a gong and it has been running well for me for a couple of months.

24 1/2 inches tall with a 12 inch dial.        $425.



8078  Fine Gilbert jeweler’s “Regulator No. 9”.

This is a great looking clock with the bonus of having a solid cherry case with a burl walnut center panel. It was refinished a number of years ago and it has a very nice color. There are a few spots on the case that have a bit of old finish and a small spot of wall paint but overall it is in very good condition. The only case faults are the two small drop finials that are missing from the bottom front.

The porcelain dial is perfect without one chip or hairline. The hour and minute hands are the originals while the center sweep seconds hand is a perfect replacement. The side glasses are original and the door glass has been replaced. The pendulum is original, the 8 inch diameter brass bob has never been polished and it is perfect without a single dent or scratch. The weight and pulley are also the originals.

The movement mounting frame is stamped “W. L. G C Co.”

This is an 8 day clock with a heavy brass movement having maintaining power and a deadbeat escapement. It was recently professionally serviced and is in good running order. This will make a very impressive clock for that special spot in your home and it will be a precision timekeeper as well.

6 feet 6 inches tall.       SOLD



8079   Gilbert jeweler’s “Regulator No. 20”
with three jar mercury pendulum.

Obviously this clock is missing the base but there is a slim chance that it might still be found in storage from the estate where the clock was purchased. If not, you will still have an impressive clock at a reasonable price with the much sought after mercury pendulum.

The case is solid oak. Earlier in its life it was painted and rather than strip the paint, the next owners decided to grain paint it with an oak pattern. I would simply strip it back to the original oak.

At some point, probably to fit into an odd spot, the door was switched to hinge on the left but it now is back to the correct position of the hinges being on the right.

The porcelain dial is perfect without any chips or hairlines. It has the original hands along with the center sweep seconds plus the nickel plated weight and pulley.

The pendulum and octagon glass jars are original and it still retains the actual mercury. Obviously this cannot be shipped so some sort of a delivery or pick up would need to be arranged.

There are two good labels on the back, one describing the mercury pendulum.

This is an 8 day timepiece with the robust Gilbert movement with maintaining power and deadbeat escapement. I have owned this clock only a very short amount of time. I have not tried to run it because the weight cord is old and I do not want to trust it until I have had the time to replace it. The bracket that holds the movement is signed “W. L. G C Co.”

6 feet, 1 inches tall.        SOLD




5094   Ansonia "Gallery No. 1" hanging clock

This is a very nice clock in original, untouched condition. These large gallery clocks are always sought after and they look impressive in the right location. This clock has an 18” dial and a 23” case. It is solid oak and has the dark original finish.

The signed paper dial is original and is in better than average condition. The hands, glass and pendulum are also original.

This is an 8 day timepiece and it is running.

23” diameter.  $385



5096   Gilbert square gallery clock

This case is solid oak with the dark original finish and a good looking pressed molding on the door. The only case flaw is the shrinkage line at the upper left just outside the dial.

The hands, pendulum and glass are original while the dial paper is an old replacement that now has the right amount of aging.

This is an 8 day timepiece. The movement is quite dirty and a cleaning will be needed to get the clock running. .

12” dial, 20” case.   $150



5098   French gallery clock

This is actually a very good looking clock with contrasting colors of ebony and satinwood. The entire front is the door which lifts up to access the hands and to wind the clock. It has an octagonal housing behind the door. The case is in very good, clean condition with a good finish.

It has the original painted dial which is signed “Vedette”. The hands and pendulum are also the originals.

This is an 8 day clock with hour and half hour strike on a coil gong. It is running.

15” diameter with a 9” dial.    SOLD


4079   English gallery clock

This looks like a model that would have a typical English large fusee movement but it is just a standard movement with a mainspring barrel. The case has been very nicely refinished and is very clean. There are a couple of minor blemishes in the finish but overall it is very good. The lower trap door to access the pendulum is missing.

The painted dial is original but you can see it has a little flaking and lifting in spots. It is signed “Made in England” and there is a bright chrome or nickel plated bezel. The hands and the pendulum are the originals.

This is an eight day timepiece and it is running.

15 inches in diameter with a 12 inch dial.     $65.