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8061   Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator.

This clock is in quite good condition. It has been carefully refinished and the case is oak with a solid bezel which is tight, without any shrinkage cracks. The veneer is also in excellent condition without any slivers on the bow-tie section or the curved bottom.

The dial was repainted many years ago. It was a good job and now it has aged to the point where it is hard to tell it is not the original paint. It comes with the original hands, glasses, pendulum, brass weight and key.

This is an eight day timepiece and it is in good running order.

36 inches tall.        SOLD



8062   Welch, Spring & Co. “Verdi” wall clock.

This clock is in superior, original condition. It will be hard to find one with a nicer case. Usually these models have a significant amount of veneer damage and lifting but this clock is nearly perfect. It has a very clean, original finish and is ready to put on your wall. Usually the gold trim on the lower door has been lost due to cleaning but on this example there is very little loss.

The dial paint is original, clean and the numerals are very crisp. There is just a bit of paint loss at the center arbor. It has the original hands and a great pendulum which has never been polished. The bezel is brass and both glasses are the originals. It also still retains the black flocked paper behind the pendulum.

This is an eight-day clock with hourly strike on a resonant gong and there is a separate seconds dial. This clock was recently professionally cleaned and serviced and is running very well.

30 ½ inches tall.      SOLD



8064    Gilbert oak wall clock.

This clock has a clean, refinished solid oak case without any damages or problems but note that the door glass is missing.

It has the original dial paper which does show some spotting. The hands are original while the pendulum is an old replacement.

This is an 8 day timepiece. It runs a short while for me then stops.

17 inches tall with a 12 inch dial.        $85.



6070   French picture frame clock.

This clock has a black painted wood frame door with a glass over an interior frame done in gold leaf. Behind that is another panel of glass which is reverse painted with the dial and a scene with rabbits, a fox etc. There is some paint flaking in the sky area but the rest is fine.

The clock has the original hands. I do not know if the pinecone weights are original to this clock or if it should have a different style. I did not get a pendulum with the clock.

Without a pendulum I am not able to run the clock but I have run the strike train and I am sure this is a 30 hour movement. This style of clock has the movement in a wood framed box with brass gearing. 

12 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" wide.        $120



6062   Ansonia “Regulator A” wall clock

Often this model has a great deal of veneer problems but this one is much better than average. The case is mahogany with a thumbnail sized piece of veneer missing on the upper corner of the left side and a smaller one on the point at the bottom. It has a clean original finish and nothing needs to be done other than to hang it on your wall. Below the dial is an ivory plaque and whatever was printed on it has long worn away.

The dial paper is signed and in very good condition with just a very minimal amount of discoloration. It has the original hands, pendulum, Regulator A glass and a good label.

This is an eight day clock with hourly strike on a gong. The movement probably has not been serviced for a while but it is currently running and striking properly.

32” tall.    $265