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6055   Gold front banjo clock with two original glasses

This clock has a clean refinished mahogany case with gold frames on the throat and base and the original gilded wooden finial. The protective layer of shellac on those gold frames has darkened as is usually the case. You will note in the photo that the roping on the right side of the lower door is missing. Actually, I have it but forgot to put it on for the photo. It is missing about a 1 inch piece of that roping at the lower corner.

This clock has a few early features such as the full length finial pediment, an iron dial and a one-piece backboard.

Both of the reverse painted glasses are original but you can see that both are cracked. However, there is virtually no paint loss to either one. They still have the original glue blocks holding them in. Just below the group of flowers on the lower glass you can see a small opening in the arch. That acts as a quite small pendulum view.

The painted dial is the original and I looked at it under several different light sources but could not find a signature. The cast brass bezel is the original but the convex glass has probably been changed. The brass sidearms are also original but note that the one on the right is missing the center diamond and the one on the left has a small crack at that same spot. This clock comes with the original hands and pendulum while I believe the tin behind the pendulum plus the lead weight are replacements.

This is an eight day weight driven timepiece. I did not notice anything amiss with the movement but I have not tried to get it running.

32” tall.    SOLD



6056   Early gold front banjo clock with the original glasses

This clock has several early features such as an iron dial, one-piece backboard, full length finial pediment, long pendulum tie down strip and the tall style of movement. The mahogany case seems to be sound and in good condition. The goldleaf frames and roping are in good shape with no weak or wobbly corners. The only significant amount of loss to the goldleaf is on the two upper corner blocks of the throat. I did not get a finial with this clock.

Both of the reverse painted glasses are original and not cracked. It is a shame that there is a good deal of flaking in that paint, especially in the lower glass which depicts a naval battle between American and British warships. However, anything can be restored and it might be worth the effort on this clock.

The iron dial has yellowed and is showing some crackling in the paint. I looked it over very carefully and could not find a signature or a shadow of one but I did not try a black light or similar sources.

Notice that the brass sidearms are a bit unusual in that they have straight bars instead of diamonds. That is a feature very often seen on clocks produced in New Hampshire but in what little research I did I could not find a maker that matched the sidearms, movement and other features of this clock.

It has the original heavy cast brass bezel and the convex glass is very wavy and bubbly so it is probably the original. The hands, cast-iron weight, pendulum, tin separator panel and brass pendulum tiedown are all the originals. You can see that the threaded pendulum rod does not extend far enough to reach the tiedown. I believe that is because the pendulum was dropped at some point and the threaded rod was bent. Someone tried to straighten that and the rod probably snapped at that point. Hopefully there is enough length left to keep the clock running accurately.

This is an eight day timepiece. I did not attempt to run the clock because the weight cord is old brittle catgut and I thought it best to leave it just as I found it. One item of note is that the front plate of the movement is stamped “3957”.

29” tall.    SOLD



6057   Howard No. 95  presentation banjo clock

Produced about 1900, Howard made these banjo clocks as sort of a Centennial of the originals made 100 years before. This one has a solid mahogany case in the dark, original finish. There are no case damages or faults at all, the weight never fell to damage the bottom and the Mount Vernon tablets with George Washington are in quite good condition. It does look like the cream colored background of those glasses was touched up long ago.

The painted dial is in excellent condition and at the top it reads “Bigelow Kennard & Co. Inc.” who were the retailers of this clock. At the bottom of the dial it reads “E. Howard & Co. Boston”.

Notice the rather distinctive style of the brass sidearms. The clock retains the original hands, damascene pendulum, tin separator panel, brass tie-down, lead weight and what appears to be the correct brass eagle finial.

The nickel plated movement is signed and is exactly the correct style that you would expect to find in this model. The Geneva stop is missing though that has no effect on the running of the clock. It is there to keep you from over winding the clock. That movement is very clean and it is in good running order. This is an eight day timepiece.

40” tall.    SOLD



6058   Ingraham Nyanza banjo clock

This clock has a very clean solid mahogany case with a polished original finish. There are no case problems at all and it retains the original finial and the brass buttons on the side arms.

Both reverse painted glasses are the originals but notice that the background color of the throat class is flaking. The signed dial is extra clean and very legible. It retains the original hands and large brass pendulum.

This is an eight day spring driven clock with hourly strike on a gong and it is in good running order. This is your opportunity to own a full sized banjo clock at a fraction of the price of a weight driven model.

38" tall.   SOLD



6059   Unusual Chauncey Jerome wall clock with steeples.

Jerome produced a large number of clocks for export to Great Britain and this appears to be one of them. It must have gone over the pond and returned. Many of the clocks that were sent there were produced in styles that were not sold here.

The case has been refinished and it is hard to tell but I believe it is solid walnut. There are no damages but the top center finial is off and needs to be glued back on. It was simply put in place for the photo. The reverse decorated glass is a modern replacement.

The dial has been repainted and the hands are replacements. It has the original pendulum and a good label.

This is an eight day timepiece. The movement appears to be very clean and it is in good running order. On the front plate of the movement it is stamped “British United Clock Co. Birmingham, Eng.”.

38” tall.    SOLD



6070   French picture frame clock.

This clock has a black painted wood frame door with a glass over an interior frame done in gold leaf. Behind that is another panel of glass which is reverse painted with the dial and a scene with rabbits, a fox etc. There is some paint flaking in the sky area but the rest is fine.

The clock has the original hands. I do not know if the pinecone weights are original to this clock or if it should have a different style. I did not get a pendulum with the clock.

Without a pendulum I am not able to run the clock but I have run the strike train and I am sure this is a 30 hour movement. This style of clock has the movement in a wood framed box with brass gearing. 

12 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" wide.        $120



6071   Rare and early wag on the wall clock


12” tall, 11” wide.    SOLD




6072   German wall clock with brass dial

On the back of the clock is a stamp which reads “Frater Anton, Kirchwald” plus a few other words that are hard to make out. Kirchwald is a municipality in western Germany. The case is solid mahogany which has been refinished and is in excellent condition. I do not see any breaks or missing pieces and both side access doors are there.

The dial is brass with etched numerals and designs. The hands are also of an ornate brass design and they have never been broken or repaired. It has the correct brass pendulum. On the back of the movement it is stamped: 192076.

This is an eight day clock with hour and half hour strike on a coil gong and it has a countwheel style strike. This clock came from a collection where it sat idle for many years however it is currently running.

20 ½” tall.    SOLD



6073   French walnut wall clock

French walnut wall clock. This clock is in superior condition. It has a solid walnut case with four freestanding columns plus multiple turnings and moldings. It has been very nicely refinished and the case is nearly perfect. The entire front swings open as the door.

All the numerals are separately applied pieces of porcelain and they are in good condition with only a few small nicks here and there. It has the original brass hands. This clock came with two old pendulums and both fit so I am not sure which one is the original and I am including both.

On the rear plate of the movement it is stamped “BrevetS.G.D.G.  299454176517”.

This is an eight day clock with rack and snail strike on the hour and half hour on a coil gong. The movement is very dusty and it should be cleaned before the clock is run.

27” tall.    SOLD



6074   Wonderful miniature Vienna regulator clock

This is a charming little clock with great proportions and only 21 ½” tall. The entire front of the case is the door and it is faced with burl walnut veneer, ebony inlay and a burl walnut backboard. The veneer and inlay are nearly perfect but for some loss just above the upper medallion. It is also missing one drop finial at the bottom.

It has the original glass in the front and sides while the dial glass is convex. The dial itself is porcelain and nearly perfect. The trefoil hands are original but you can see that they have broken at the tips. Timesavers sells a pair that you could use as replacements or to fix the originals. It has the original pendulum with a black glass center plus a nice old key.

As a bonus, this is not a 30 hour clock but an eight day timepiece with a trapezoidal movement which is stamped 73509. That number is also stamped on the dial plate. It has been running well for me for several weeks.

21 ½” tall with a 3” dial.




5088   Boston area banjo clock circa 1860

Similar to a Howard No. 5 in style. This clock has black and gold glasses and a case which never had brass sidearms. The case is probably cherry and it was refinished a number of years ago - long enough so that it has developed some age cracking in the finish.

I believe that the black and gold lower glass is a replacement while the throat is the original but it does have some lifting in the black background. The dial has the original paint but there is no signature. There are no hands. It does have an original iron weight.

There are no extra holes behind the dial and the movement does line up correctly but it sits too far back from the dial so it would be impossible to put some hands on it the way it is. I do not know if this means the movement has been replaced or if it requires some shims to hold it further forward. There are no signs that another movement was in this case. It does have the original pendulum but there is no tin separator board.
29” tall.     SOLD                                                



5089   L.W. Noyes, Nashua, NH banjo clock

This clock is not signed anywhere but if you look at pages 97 & 205 in Parson’s book on New Hampshire clocks you will find this movement illustrated. It has a couple of distinguishing features so that I am sure Noyes was the maker of this clock. It has a rather early style with rounded front moldings, a heavy cast bezel and a one piece backboard.

The dial paint is original but you can see there are a couple spots where the paint is lifting slightly. The throat glass is clear but it could be the original. The bottom glass appears to be the original but it has several cracks.

The hands, pendulum and brass sidearms are the originals. The weight is a replacement. The finial and block that it sits on are missing.

This is an 8 day timepiece. I just found this clock and have not attempted to get it running.
29” tall.       SOLD   



5090   Seth Thomas "Homestead" banjo clock

At 26 inches tall this is not really a miniature clock, it is a bit more than half the size of the normal banjo. It will fit in easily in most situations.

The condition is near perfect with a clean mahogany case in the original finish. Both reverse decorated glasses are original and have gold leaf highlights. The signed painted dial is without one flaw and ivory in color to resemble porcelain. It has the original hands, finials and solid brass sidearms.

This is an 8 day timepiece with a balance movement. Normally clocks this size would have a 30 hour movement. It has been running well for me for quite some time.
26” tall.       SOLD




5099   Ansonia hanging mission style clock

This clock has that dark oak case style that was popular about 1920 or so. Usually they are the square cases with lattice below but this one is actually quite good looking being set in the diamond shape. The case is near perfect without any issues at all.

The hands and applied numerals are polished brass and contribute to the contrasting look of the dark case.

This is an 8 day clock which strikes the hours on a gong. It has that large signed Ansonia movement that you would see in clocks like the “Regulator A”.
It is running but it has not been cleaned in a long time and the strike is very sluggish.  

17 ½” tall without the pendulum.       SOLD